Forrester in Mernda

Our project in Mernda with Burbank

Occupancy certificate issued, letterbox installed

Not much happening at the moment as we wait for the handover but we got our occupancy certificate last week. The bank needs this in order to process the final payment.

We also managed to organise the Certificate of Insurance with our building and contents insurer. Our bank also needs this certificate.

At the site itself, we installed the letterbox. Our council needs the house number to be clearly marked either on the house itself or the letterbox before delivering the bins. We decided the letterbox was the better option and hence installed it – our first job.

Here are some of the latest photos:




no letter box


with letter box

Construction about to start

Finally the actual construction will be starting soon because now we have signed and returned the final drawings.

There have been some delays were never anticipated but its good that now our file will be moving to construction and that should be a more interesting phase.

Hopefully there will be more frequent posts.

Here is the Burbank sign that we have now put on the block:

Burbank sign

Burbank sign

Update: when we came back after two days the sign was missing. Interesting.

Concrete block on the land

Today were surprised to fine that a concrete block has been dumped on our block of land.

Our land is near a substation and what has happened is there were some repairs that needed for a footpath block to be removed.

The people working on the sub then decided to dump the footpath concrete block. Its very heavy and not something that one can just move.

concrete block

Concrete block

broken footpath

Broken footpath

And now a water meter

On Boxing Day we went to the site and surprise surprise the first construction has started – there is a water meter on site.

And so here is the picture:

water meter

Vehicle passes through

Over the weekend we went to the block and saw that some heavy construction vehicle had gone through our block and left some deep marks:


a run through

I think it must have been on a very wet day.

The grass gets greener

Whilst there is nothing happening on the block of land at the moment, its interesting to see how much the grass is growing.

A fortnight ago( 12/11/2011) this was the view:




and last weekend (27/11/2011) this was the view:


With the recent rains I can see that in another fortnight there will be more growth. Time for the lawnmower to roll in?