Forrester in Mernda

Our project in Mernda with Burbank

Telephone working, broadband organised

Today we had the telephone line installed and its working. This was a big breakthrough because when I first contacted Telstra about the phone line they said the phone would be available sometime towards the end of November,

However, that project was pushed forward to August and we will have access to a phone when we move in. Broadband and Foxtel have also been organised and they will start on the same day.

Here are some pictures of the water tank taken from the outside over the weekend:


New photos of the inside will be available after the PCI on Thursday.

PCI booked

The Practical Completion Inspection(PCI) has been booked for the 30th of August. We are looking forward to that and hopefully it will go smoothly.

We don’t anticipate many issues, ours has been a smooth ride so far with great staff from Burbank helping along the way.

There are no photos this time, hopefully some photos after the weekend visit.

The story so far

We have just decided to have a blog that will chronicle our build in the Renaissance Rise estate of Mernda.

So the story so far is that in 2010 we bought a block of land and the land only settled in September 2011.

Meanwhile we decided to build with Burbank and we are going to build the Forrester 43.

At this stage we are on the Engineering stage and from there it will be the signing of contracts and hopefully the build starts. It now looks like it will be in January 2012.