Forrester in Mernda

Our project in Mernda with Burbank

Settlement done, bins delivered

The final inspection went well and the all the areas we wanted touched up had been done.

We had to go to Altona to pay the final invoice and pick up the keys.

Meanwhile our council has already delivered the rubbish bins. That’s been quick considering I had send the email on Monday morning.

The first job to be done post construction is curtains and these have been booked for tomorrow. The remaining fence will be done next week and before the school holidays start.

Here are the latest pictures:



the two bins



dishwasher side


PCI completed, handover on the 13th

The PCI went on well and there were no major issues. The final inspection will be on the 13th of September in the morning and then followed by keys handover later that morning and its done.

In the meantime, we have started to get quotes for house and contents insurance and when we get the occupancy permit we will apply for the bins from the council. The council says it will take up to five days maximum to deliver the bins and so we have lots of time.

Here are some photos from PCI:





powder room view





Temp fence off, driveway completed

Over the past week the temporary fence and toilet have been taken away and the driveway has been completed.

The rain water tank has also been installed and now this leaves only the hot water tank and general cleaning.

PCI is still set for August 30 and I assume between now then there will be some touch ups here and there.

With the temporary fence gone, the house can now been seen clearly and here are the latest photos:

fence off

temp fence off




side view


front view


rain water tank


water tank, alfresco

Alfresco ceiling painted

One of the last places to be painted is the alfresco ceiling and this has now been done.

It was hard to take photos of the carpet because of the glare coming back from the windows. There is no carpet on the side of the house(south) where there was no glare.

Here are some of the latest photos:




Alarm light


Gas meter

garage door

Garage door - closer look


Front door


Corner view




Electrical, plumbing fit off completed

Over the last week the electrical and plumbing fit off were completed.

We had a chance to get into the house with the site supervisor to review the latest work done. All looks good and on course to be finished within the next fortnight.

The next work to be done is now painting touch up, carpet, alarm and then site clean up and then the driveway.

Here are some photos:

Outside tap

Garden tap

Exterior plug

Exterior plug

Kids toilet

Kids toilet

[caption id="attachment_335" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Lights"]lights[/caption]


Balcony scaffolding removed

The scaffolding around the balcony has now been removed. The carpenter had come back to finish off his work and it looks like he has finished now.

Also in the week we had the Telstra pit dug from the nature strip to the house. What is left now is for Telstra to connect the telephone line.

Also done is the fence to the right of our house. This is our last shared fence to be completed. The remaining fence is now all ours.

The garage door was also installed.

Here are some pictures:


Balcony - scaffolding off


Balcony - side view


Balcony - street view



Alfresco ceiling done

One of the few things remaining to be done on the outside has been done. The alfresco ceiling has now been done and it will still need to be painted and this will be done at a later stage.

Elsewhere tiling looks like its almost finished at least on the ground floor where we can see.

Here are some of the pictures:

alfresco ceiling

alfresco ceiling

alfresco ceiling

alfresco ceiling

alfresco ceiling

alfresco ceiling

Run through for fixout inspection

Early this morning we met the site supervisor for the fixout inspection. The supervisor showed us around the house and gave us an indication on when the next things will be completed.

There was no issues with the inspection which is good.

Painting is almost finished with only the balcony still to be painted.

The next stage is tiling and the tiles are scheduled for delivery today.

Here are some photos taken today:


Inside garage


Garage door to outside


Balcony door view

kids bath

Kids bathroom sealed



master bath

Master bathroom

Painting started

Painting has now started and you can see the paint through the downstair windows. I am not so sure how much of the house has been painted so far as we are locked out at the moment.

We have a meeting with the site supervisor pencilled in for during the week and there will photos coming from that.

Scaffold back for balcony

This week scaffolding was back to complete the work on the balcony. Once the balcony work is done and the scaffold is removed the facade will be more clearer.

Apart from that both doors leading into and out of the garage have been installed and also the work that should have been done inside.

The carpenter rough in should finish this coming week and then there will be the invoice and then the painting will start. Things are getting interesting now.


external garage door


work on the alfresco


balcony scaffold