Forrester in Mernda

Our project in Mernda with Burbank

Downpipes installed

Not much happened this week and I am not surprised because the weather was not that great.

It looks like work on the articulation joints is completed. The eaves are finished and during the coming week they will be painted.

Meanwhile during the week we received the lockup invoice.

Here are the latest photos:




articulation joint


eaves completed

Cladding in

The cladding on the master bedroom has now been done.

Now what’s left on the front is the balcony and at the back the alfresco roof and pillars still need to be done. We are told by Burbank that the alfresco will be done when the scaffolding is completed.

Work has also started on the eaves.

It also looks like all the insulation has been completed in preparation for plastering.

The pictures from the phone today are not very good. Will add some taken using the camera later.






busy garage

First floor bricklaying completed

Bricklaying on the first floor is now completed.

What’s left is now is the cladding that goes on the balcony and also on the front of the master bedroom.

Elsewhere electrical rough in has started and so has insulation.


More bricks


panels view

Maremma end

Maremma end

front view

angle view

The area in the picture is where the cladding will go and this will be done in the coming week.

Getting ready for lockup

The roof was finished sometime during the week and then bricklaying resumed.

This time bricklaying is for the first floor and its almost finished.

We also noticed that in preparation for lockup, there is a temporary white door on the front entrance. There is also a door on the balcony. It looks like very soon we will be locked out.

Our three solar panels have also been installed.

These photos were taken in the rain.


First floor bricks

Solar panels

Solar panels


More bricks


Front white door