Forrester in Mernda

Our project in Mernda with Burbank

Bricklaying starts

After the delivery of bricks last week, bricklaying on the ground floor began in earnest this week.


Side view - brickwork


Back view - brickwork


Alfresco view

This is scheduled to continue into next week and so there will be another update over the weekend.

Bricks delivered

The bricks have now been delivered and part of the ground floor has been wrapped. This brings an end to the framing stage.


Ground floor wrap

Main brick


Contrast brick

Windows in

The framing is coming to the final stages with the windows and doors now having been installed. The last thing that I can see that needs to be done is the frame for the alfresco.

Also Burbank has told us that plumbing rough-in will take place before during this framing stage.


Windows in

Laundry chute

Laundry chute

Rain delays progress

The recent rains during the later part of the week has meant that progress has slowed down a little bit.

Despite the rain, one very noticeable change is that the balcony has been added to the frame:



The forecast for next week is not that bad. Monday and Tuesday should have fine sunny weather but Wednesday will see the rain come back. That’s not too bad.

Roof takes shape

The long weekend is finished and work has now resumed on the site.

Work on the roof structure has now started as shown below:


Also the windows have been delivered and so when they finish the frame they will install the windows:


First floor frame up

Its now three days after the frame work started and work on the first floor has already started.

Its a long weekend and so I expect this work to be continued on Tuesday.

firstfloor frame

Slab poured

Finally slab has been poured today.

This week its been raining almost everyday but today was one day when it didn’t rain. I don’t know whether they would have waited for a day when there is no rain but it appears like it doesn’t matter that much.

I should say that its been quick getting to this stage and the next stage will be the frame.


slab poured

alfresco slab

alfresco slab