Forrester in Mernda

Our project in Mernda with Burbank

Clean up time

Construction should be starting either at the end of the month or in February and so its better to clear the growing bushes a bit.

Our block of land has so much weeds and the ones near don’t seem to have that much. Maybe its very fertile soil!

bushy growth

Clean up time

And now a water meter

On Boxing Day we went to the site and surprise surprise the first construction has started – there is a water meter on site.

And so here is the picture:

water meter

Building permit given

I have checked in Burbank’s My Place and have seen that before Burbank closed for the holidays, they managed to get the Building Permit.

Building permits are the documents that signify that a building surveyor has approved documentation for the proposed building work before the construction of that building starts.

This is a good thing and now there is only three steps left to be completed: Client approves drawings, Finance approval and site start letter sent.

The finance approval will be ready by the time Burbank re-opens and then they should sent us the final drawings.

building permit

My Place update

Vehicle passes through

Over the weekend we went to the block and saw that some heavy construction vehicle had gone through our block and left some deep marks:


a run through

I think it must have been on a very wet day.

Engineering completed


I logged on to My Place and saw that Engineering is now completed.



The next phase is now Contract signing. We wont be available to do that until week commencing 19th December.

Burbank will close on Thursday 23rd of December and so we will have four days.

The grass gets greener

Whilst there is nothing happening on the block of land at the moment, its interesting to see how much the grass is growing.

A fortnight ago( 12/11/2011) this was the view:




and last weekend (27/11/2011) this was the view:


With the recent rains I can see that in another fortnight there will be more growth. Time for the lawnmower to roll in?